Back2Life is a college-specific, full-production dance ‘experience’ set up with the aim of bringing world-class production values out of the superclub and onto your college campus. Each event we produce is ‘turnkey’ and includes all sound, light, stage FX (confetti canons, C02 blasters etc.), stage dressing, Screens or LED Walls, DJs, performers and technical staff.

From choosing which color lasers work best within a chosen venue, to selecting the DJs and performers most appropriate to a school’s demographic, we utilize our years of experience in the college entertainment market to deliver a show that will leave audiences asking ‘did we really just have something that huge on our campus?’.

After work, it’s time to play. Bring your students ‘Back2Life’ with the mother of all dance experiences.

DJ Mixes

Below is a selection of mixes from our resident DJ crew. These mixes will change every few weeks so check back regularly for some sweet audio treats.

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    DJ Screwloose


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    DJ Flip

    The Animals Tour Preview Mix

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    DJ Vito Corleone

    BANGAaaa Vol 4


Q. So how much does all this cost? Answer.

A. That’s a tough question to answer without knowing your exact tech and talent requirements, anticipated attendance and the date and location of your event. However, the short answer would be ‘it costs as much as you’re comfortable spending’. Each show is customized to your specific needs and budget and we can usually make something amazing happen for less than you might think.


Q. Great! I’ve got a budget of $500. Can I book a show??? Answer.

A. Unfortunately not! Although we hate to set limits and minimum spends it would be impossible for us to create a Back 2 Life experience and maintain the quality that colleges would expect at that sort of price. However, in certain situations, at certain locations, we can make magic happen for as little as $5,000. The guiding principle here is that we want to make your show more than just another college dance. To do that requires a minimum amount of  ‘awesomeness’. That ‘awesomeness’ comes at a price but  we're confident that when you see what we’ve created with your budget your reaction will be …..AWESOME!


Q. We have the big budget. Do you have the big know-how? Answer.

A. Absolutely. If you have a vision, if you want to produce a true blockbuster of an event, if you want students to walk out thinking ‘wow, did that really happen?’ then we’re the people who can make that happen. Our talent and our tech partners have years of experience in performing at and creating large scale events. You can rest-assured that your event will be planned and executed with the utmost professionalism.


Q. How much of an input can we have in this show? Answer.

A. Back 2 Life is 100% a collaborative event. This is your show. And as such, a large amount creative control rests with you. Don’t like the DJs we’ve suggested? We’ll change them. Did you see a balloon drop and event and want to include one at your show? Lets work out a cost for doing that and see if it works with your budget. Do you want less green light and more red light? Our lighting designer will make that happen. Do you want a ‘red carpet experience’ on arrival? Easy! Do you want Tiesto to open up the event? Not so easy! But we do have his agent’s number……


Q. So how do we discuss what is and isn’t viable? How do we plan this together? Answer.

A. Good question. In the first instance we will point you to our online resource that allows you to pick and choose the various elements of your show and gives you an approximation of how much each would cost.

Once we have the bones of your vision we arrange for a more in depth chat between you and your dedicated production manager via telephone, or conference call if you want more people involved.


Q. Our students want to get involved. Is this possible? Answer.

A. Not only is it possible but it’s actively encouraged. Back 2 Life is just as much about how much your students can take away from the planning and execution of the event as it is about how much fun they’ll have at the event itself. On the day we will make time before load-in to sit down with your event staff and talk them through the plans, the process and answer any questions they may have. Each volunteer will be assigned an important role within the process and will be made to feel like a part of the team from the get-go. A Back 2 Life event is a great opportunity for students to get into the heart of what it takes to stage a successful large-scale production.




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